S T U A R T  N E V I L L

Psychotherapy & Coaching


Psychotherapy is a confidential supportive space to explore yourself, your relationships & what is important in your life, to develop deeper understanding & new perspectives to enrich your life.

​I qualified as a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in 2003, training at the Arbours Association and am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).


​​I comply with the BACP's Code of Ethical Framework for Counselling Professionals and their 'Ask Kathleen' service which provides confidential guidance and information on what to do if you have any concerns about your therapy or counselling experience. Further information is available on the BACP website: www.bacp.co.uk ​​

Sessions are currently run over Zoom (or a comparable video conferencing platform). Sessions last 50 minutes and take place between once and three times a week on a time-limited or open ended basis.


The price for a single session of Psychotherapy or Coaching is £70



  • 3 sessions for £180 (£60 per session)

  • 4 sessions for £200 (£50 per session)

  • 6 sessions for £240 (£40 per session)


Coaching is a confidential supportive space to reflect on a personal or professional objective, potentially exploring values and goals, authenticity and integrity, obstacles & options, you will be supported to identify which steps you will take to bring about the change you want to achieve..

I draw on my experience as a mindfulness practitioner and psychotherapist, as well as with 20 years experience in management, leadership & governance roles in the voluntary and education sectors. I also draw on my MSc Degree in Voluntary Sector Management (an MBA adapted for the Voluntary Sector

Sessions are currently run over Zoom (or a comparable video conferencing platform). Sessions last 60 minutes and take place between once a week and once a month, on a time-limited or open ended basis.


If you are interested in mindfulness or meditation, I have produced free resources on my sister website: www.mindfuldevelopments.com

I have draw on the 6 years I spent as a Buddhist Monk in the Theravada tradition and 3 decades of mindfulness and meditation practice to produce a series of blogs, video's and podcasts to help you in your mindfulness practice as a component of personal development, wisdom and compassion.


I also offer online meditation and mindfulness tuition, free to charge, to charities, schools, NHS and not-for-profit social care organisations, (and on a fee basis to profit-making companies.